School Based Health Programme

RUWDUC conducted a School Based Health Programme in the three VDCs of Asigram, Alital and Jogbuda in Dadeldhura District. The general level of health and sanitary conditions of the majority populace of the Dadeldhura District is extremely poor mainly due to a lack of health awareness and inaccessibility of the larger populace to existing health facilities. Children and adolescents are most affected, as they have not been recognized as a group requiring health services. This programme was developed keeping in mind the poor health condition of the children, lack of sanitation and lack of awareness regarding the basic health. It targeted children through the medium of existing schools. This programme improved the health of the children by targeting school children for enhancing health awareness, developing healthy habits as well as providing them basic health services.


To bring about behavioral change in the community through mobilization of school children with regards to health practices.

Major Components/Activities

Social mobilization for better health practices through school children.

Health services for children

Creating a health database on the school children

Promotion of hygienic sanitation habits amongst the school children through establishment of Pit Latrines

Establishing a health referral system for school children

Training on First Aid


The programme involved two local coordinators to visit the targeted eight schools where they provided orientation to the school children and teachers on the importance of health, proper nutrition, hygiene and the necessity of sanitation. First Aid training was provided to school teachers. A database on the school children along with monitoring of their health and referrals by the general physician was also established. Finally, Pit Latrines were constructed in the schools with the help of the children themselves. Constant monitoring was conducted to ensure that children were following hygienic sanitation habits in the schools and homes.

Time Frame:  April 1997- April 1998