Local Scholarship Programme for Underprivileged Children

The status of the underprivileged groups is socially, culturally and economically very low. They are deprived of opportunities for self-development. In particular, children of these communities are amongst the most disadvantaged. Due to a cash poor economy most of the children are held back from going to school by parents and are forced to assist with the household chores. Lack of education is one of the key factors for the lack of social progress. Thus, RUWDUC identified the need to encourage and promote education among children from underprivileged families, amongst whom the dropout rate was very high. RUWDUC believes education is a key strategic development process that can help bring about distinctive positive change in the position of the dalit and disadvantaged groups of the region.


 Provide scholarships to students from underprivileged and impoverished families of Far West Nepal. The scholarship provided will enable these students to continue with their education up to the high school level, thus providing better opportunity in life.

 Target Areas

Scholarship programme is being conducted in the following two Districts.

In Dadeldhura District scholarships have been provided to students of namely, Amargadi Municipality, Ajaymeru VDC, Koteli VDC, Manilekh VDC, Mastamandu VDC, Kaipalmandu VDC, Ganeshpur VDC, Belapur VDC, Jogbuda VDC, Alital VDC, and Sirsha VDC.

In Doti District it has been provided to students of Silgadi and Dipayal Municipality.

 Major components/Activities and Donors

In Dadeldhura District scholarships have been provided to 100 children (on a yearly basis) from underprivileged and impoverished families. Various individual donors both local and international are supporting RUWDUC’s scholarship programme for Dadeldhura District since 2000.


In Doti District scholarships have been provided to 45 students (on a yearly basis) of underprivileged families. This scholarship is being provided by Street Children of Nepal Trust Fund since 2002. Additional scholarship has been provided to additional 40 selected students from underprivileged families since the new fiscal year of 2011 by an individual international donor Dr. Bernard.


The support provided via the scholarship programme for all these students are mainly in the form of providing them with schoolbooks, stationary, exam fees, uniforms, shoes, bags, etc.


Donor/Time Frame:

Dadeldhura District – April 2000 onwards

Doti District – April 2002 onwards

Bernard Scholarship – April 2011