चुँडीमा रुडुकले ल्याएको उज्यालो…

Chudi village in Dadeldhura district lived in dark until now. People here were dependent on small solar panels which would give out during long monsoon seasons or foggy days in winter and the output was very dim, hardly of much use. The only school in the area hadn’t seen a computer or a printer. The village was isolated from the rest of Dadeldhura. Almost self-sufficient in agricultural production, villagers had to walk for days through forests and hills to process rice, flour, and mustard seeds for oil. Villagers did not feel safe to traverse within the village at night because of the lack of electricity. However, with the completion of a micro-hydro project supported by RUWDUC and Oxfam, Chudi village is taking steps towards electrification.

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