Peace Building and Dispute Resolution

Peace building and dispute resolution programme is a programme in support to the on going community mediation programme. The target districts are also the same namely, Dadeldhura, Doti and Kailali Districts.


  • To building the capacity of district level leader and social worker regarding peace building and dispute resolution.
  • It provides support and assistant to the community mediators in the issue of dispute resolution.

 Target Area

Dadeldhura District: is being implemented in Amargadi Municipality, Asigram VDC, Mastamandu VDC, Ganeshpur VDC, Samaiji VDC, Navadurga VDC and Belapur VDC.

Doti District: is being implemented in Dipayal/Silgadi Municipality, Ranagaun VDC, Mudegaun VDC, Kalena VDC and Khirsen VDC.

Kailali District: is being implemented in Dhangadi Municipality, Beladevipur VDC, Shripur VDC, Geta VDC and Malakheti VDC.

 Major Components/Activities


  • A 5-days Training of Trainers (TOT) on peace building and dispute resolution was provided to 20 Master Trainers.
  • These master trainers then provided a series of 5-day training on peace building and dispute resolution for a total of 720 representatives such as local community leaders, government officials and NGO officials at the grass root level of the target areas.
  • Refresher Trainings was conducted at the target Districts for 72 persons who were selected on the bases of their active participation in resolving disputes within their communities.
  • Support and assistant was provided to the mediators in the issue of dispute resolution at grass roots level.
  • Close coordination was built with Local bodies of state and coordination with the Government line agency in grass roots.
  • A total of 47 awareness-raising activities were conducted for peace building in schools, colleges and at the community level of the target areas.
  • A total of 68 community workshop and dialogue sessions were conducted in the target areas.
  • Workshops were held with the community people to advocate about positive thinking and on peace building skills required to prevent and resolve small disputes on the spot.

Time Frame : January 2005 to August 2007