Mobilizing the Female Community Health Volunteers For Women and Children’s Health

A need assessment programme conducted by RUWDUC indicated that social mobilization would be better if undertaken by the Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHV). Therefore, a refresher training was conducted for the existing FCHVs on critical issues such as Reproductive Health, Safe Motherhood, Nutrition Education, Violence Against Women and Family Planning.


To re-activate the FCHVs and encourage them to motivate pregnant women and young mothers to seek necessary services at the RUWDUC Birthing Center or other government facilities.

Target Areas

The programme was conducted VDCs of Jogbuda, Alital and Sirsha where the Low Risk Birthing Center (LRBC) is situated.

Major components/Activities

A 2-day orientation was provided to 114 Female Community Health Volunteers. These FCHVs then provided orientations and disseminate updated information to pregnant women, young mothers and adolescents of their respective wards. IEC materials on reproductive health related issues were also distributed.


This programme aimed to bring about awareness on safe motherhood issues to the residents of the most populated VDCs of Dadeldhura District. The Female Community Health Volunteers on receiving the training then provided information and encouraged and motivated pregnant women and mothers of their respective wards to seek necessary health services at the RUWDUC Birthing Center or other government facilities. IEC material, MCH products, Family Planning devices and other concerned materials were promoted and utilized to ensure optimum understanding.

Time Frame:

April 2000 – December 2000