“Empowerment Voices” _ Season 2, Episode 1

The “Empowerment Voices” is the radio program being run through the TROSA Project at the Mahakali riverine communities. This episode focuses on the challenges the Mahakali Basin communities facing in their life. Also, the initiation through the TROSA Project to uplift the living standard of those people. The first episode was an interaction with  Dr. Arju Deuba Rana, Former President of RUWDUC, Expert on transboundary water governance. She has shared how her organization  has  supported to riverine communities for infrastructure development, transboundary water governance, Women Empowerment,  COVID response  including Gender Based Violence Prevention program.   For the COVID response, she has also urged the need of  local government’s tactful leadership for communities and more for vulnerable riverine communities. Finally, she shared the need of working together culture of  Development Organizations, local government and communities for enhancing women leadership of riverine communities in Dadeldhura.