Girl’s Hostel Tribeni Multiple Campus, Jogbuda

RUWDUC constructed three storyed building for 48 girls students to continue their higher education. The hostel was build with the support from Japanese Embassy in Nepal, District Development Committee, Parshuram Municipality and Tribeni Multiple Campus, Jogbuda, Dadeldhura.

Scholarship Programme for Outstanding Girls

Social change cannot be achieved overnight. However, a major contributor to social change is education. Educated societies have made a great deal of progress. Studies indicate that the family of an educated mother is not only better off physically but socially as well. Based on this theory the government of Nepal has made education up to the primary level free. In practice, however, the costs of the school uniform and other miscellaneous items have to be borne by the parents. Faced with dire poverty, most girl children are held back from going to school by parents. Another reason for the high dropout rate of girls at the primary level is the heavy workload they are expected to undertake within the household unit.


 In view of the despairing state of the women and girls of the underprivileged Far West Nepal, RUWDUC decided to provide scholarships for some of the best girl students from improvised families of Dadeldhura district to come and study in Kathmandu.

 Major Components/Activities

 Selection examinations were held throughout Dadeldhura district and the best four students were selected. RUWDUC has ensured funds for their education up till the tenth grade. Students who fail to pass a grade will be disqualified for the scholarship.

These four students were admitted in Mahendra Bhawan Higher Secondary Boarding School, Kathmandu. At the time when these students came they possessed minimal knowledge on hygiene, sanitation, health, interpersonal skills as well as English language. However, the scholarship programme has brought about immense change in them. The opportunity to continue their studies in good schools in Kathmandu has brought about great positive change in them. They have proved to be intelligent and shown keenness towards studies and have made a tremendous effort at educating themselves and improving their personalities.

The scholarship was initially provided by RUWDUC from 1997-1998, followed by the UN Women’s Guild from 1998-1999. This scholarship was then continued by SNV Nepal (1999- 2006) until these students completed their tenth grade examination (School Leaving Certificate).